Sporty Chic Ankle Boot


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It all started out with a whisper of sports and a whole lot of attitude: a cool cap thrown on for good measure, a hoodie left on for extra comfort, a pair of sneakers worn on days that required a lot of walking. And then the inevitable happened: sports fashion grew up and with it, the lines between style and convenience got blurred. The athletic influences became less obvious and something about them screamed of pure luxury.

Now, the athletic trend takes one final step forward, completely erasing any gap that may have still existed between what’s fashion and what’s practical as gym gear. Somewhat of a faux pas in the past, dressing like a gym addict (even without necessarily loving the “working out part”) is now considered the coolest thing in the world. We are infatuated with the Sporty-Chic Look - these padded genuine leather ankle boots are one of this seasons must-haves - the scream comfort too!