Colby Combination Cleaner


Style No : 132-117

Available Colours :

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Colby Combination Cleaner cleans and protects smooth and waxed leathers, suede, nubuck and synthetic footwear and accessories. It will remove most dirt and stains. It is suitable for use on all colours.

Directions :

First test on an inconspicuous area to ascertain suitability. Remove excess dirt and dust. Shake can well. Spray foam evenly onto surface and rub in a circular motion with a soft brush or clean dry cloth. Wipe off with a damp clean cloth or sponge to remove all residue. Repeat if necessary. For smooth leather apply a suitable wax polish after cleaning and buff to shine. For suede, raise nap by gently brushing with a suede brush. Article can be protected against stains and dirt by applying COLBY PROTECTOR once clean and dry.